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Sibling to Rose Amélie and Henry Alexander by ani_stasia

Gender Name (Nickname) Vote
Girl Lucy Marigold McCall    
Girl Mabel Marigold McCall    
Girl Marigold Alice McCall    
Girl Alice Beatrix McCall    
Girl Matilda Poppy McCall    
Girl Daisy Elowen McCall    
Girl Phoebe Jane McCall    
Girl Daphne Cordelia McCall    
Girl Anna Daisy McCall    
Girl Clara Violet McCall    
Girl Beatrix Ruby McCall    
Girl Thea Grace McCall    
Girl Matilda Poppy McCall    
Girl Marigold Eve McCall    
Girl Dahlia Juliette McCall    
Girl Freya Lily McCall    
Girl Tilda Bloom McCall    
Boy Felix Drake McCall    
Boy Dashiell Hugo McCall    
Boy Gideon Milo McCall    
Boy Theodore Arthur McCall    
Boy Arthur Gideon McCall    
Boy Milo Desmond McCall    
Boy Rafferty Liam McCall    
Boy Killian Ezra McCall    
Boy Rory William McCall    
Boy Luke Desmond McCall    
Boy Malcolm Asa McCall