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Kate Hudson talks about potential baby names for her third child, a girl. Watch her Ellen DeGeneres interview. - BabyNames.com Celebrity Baby Blog
September 22, 2018

Kate Hudson sat down to chat with Ellen DeGeneres recently and the conversation quickly turned to pregnancy, given Kate’s expanding baby bump.

Kate told the talk show host: “Let’s just say you’ve probably never had anyone this pregnant on your show,” adding, “[My] water could go any second.” [Read more...]

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson revealed they're pregnant with their third child. See their too sweet announcement and gender reveal.- BabyNames.com Celebrity Baby Blog
September 18, 2018

Jessica Simpson has some big news! She’s pregnant… and her announcement is beyond adorable, as she got her kids in on the fun.

Jessica posted the big news on Instagram with a photo of her kids posing with balloons in one photo with the caption: “SURPRISE…” [Read more...]

Congratulations to actor Richard Gere and his wife, Alejandra Silva — the couple are expecting their first child together!

Alejandra shared the baby news on Instagram with an announcement like no other. [Read more...]

September 5, 2018

Dear Jennifer. 🙂

My question isn’t exactly about baby names, but more about baby naming. My name is Emilia, I am from Poland and am now at such a stage of life where you usually think about your career. I’ve loved names for almost my entire life and I like to think about myself that I am good at naming people with names that fit them – be them my fictional characters or other people’s kids, as I like to help others on different forums to find the best name for their child, and consider baby naming really fun. [Read more...]

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