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Are Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Expecting?
Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

Oh, my, are the Internet rumor wheels spinning! Speculation is rampant that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are expecting their first baby together. While pregnancy rumors have dodged the couple for a while now, this particular set was apparently kicked off by an Instagram post from fashion editor Ariel Foxman. Foxman posted a #TBT pic of Biel and congratulated her on her “impending motherhood.” Real news slip? Halloween costume spoiler? As neither Biel or Timberlake have commented on the rumors, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Alfonso Ribeiro Is Reprising Daddy-hood!
Alfonso Ribeiro & Angela Unkrich

Alfonso Ribeiro & Angela Unkrich

Forget reliving his Fresh Prince of Bel Air days by performing the Carlton on Dancing With the Stars. Alfonso Ribeiro is getting ready to dance to another very familiar routine: new parenthood! Ribeiro announced recently (on Dancing With the Stars!) that he and wife Angela Unkrich are expecting their second … and the announcement came just days before the couple’s son (Alfonso Lincoln Ribeiro Jr.) celebrated his first birthday! Baby-to-be is expected to arrive sometime this spring, and the couple don’t yet know whether they’re expecting a son or a daughter. Either one is familiar ground for Ribeiro, who’s also dad to daughter Sienna from a previous marriage.

Jessica Paré Is Expecting!
Jessica Paré

Jessica Paré

The future for Mad Men star Jessica Paré is about to get a lot more exciting! The actress and her boyfriend, musician John Kastner, are expecting their first baby together! Parenthood may be a new role for Paré, but not for Kastner, who’s dad to 7-year-old daughter Summer Lee. Next year is shaping up to be pretty busy for Paré: on top of the new addition, her latest flick — Hot Tub Time Machine 2 — is set to hit screens in February.

3D “printed” heart helps save baby’s life

3D heart3D “printing” is a new manufacturing technique that sprays out solid material like an inkjet printer, building it up layer by layer into a larger object.

The first 3D printed items were simple lumpy toys. But the technology has advanced fast — and now surgeons have used a 3D model of an infant’s heart to prepare for life-saving surgery.

No, they did not *make* a new heart on a 3D printer! Maybe someday…

Instead the doctors at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in New York City worked from MRI scan data to make a 3D model on which they could better see how it was “riddled with holes and structured unusually,” The Independent reports. “Surgery was going to be complicated and dangerous, but this 3D printed heart provided the surgeons the opportunity to study the organ, and develop a detailed surgery strategy.”

The full story is here.


Kids, watch this!

vtech watch

Dick Tracy would be envious: it’s not just a watch, it’s a camera!
With the Kidizoom Smartwatch, “young photographers can take photos and videos on the go,” VTech says.
The color touchscreen can be set with 50 clock-face designs.
There’s also a voice recorder, with “wacky voice-changing effects,” and four learning games.

VTech’s first portable camera “watch will create an entirely new play experience for kids 3 and older,” the company says.
It’s $60 here.


Is LeBron James a Daddy Again?
Savannah and LeBron James

Savannah and LeBron James

Did the king just get his princess? Rumors are circulating that LeBron James and wife Savannah have welcomed their third baby! According to reports, daughter Zhuri arrived on October 22. The James, who are also parents to sons LeBron Jr. (10) and Bryce (7), haven’t yet confirmed the news.

Our Pets, our Babies

To Whom it May Concern:

While browsing your website I was shocked to discover that you’ve included “Pet Names” on your BabyNames website. Perhaps a staff or editing member of your site is confused…animals are not humans. They don’t need extra special names. They are not “children”. They don’t need or merit the same great care or love real human beings are required. To see babies equated with pets is disgusting and twisted.

A Concerned Reader,
Rachel Brunk

jenn_roscoe_summer13Dear Rachel Brunk,

Wow. Just wow. That you actually took the time to write us and that you are actually offended by pet names. Actually, we’ve built a whole site just for them:!

I, myself, am a pet mama to two cats, Roxie and Brutus, and a dog, Roscoe. Oh, yeah, and I also have a human baby, Miranda. No, they are not equal, but I love them all, with this thing I call a heart. And I must correct you: animals are children. They have mothers and fathers just like you. They have feelings. They love. They have facebook pages.

I’m sorry you were offended by our pet names, but we will not be removing them from our site. I hope you are not–nor ever will be–a pet owner.


Lake Bell Is a Mom!
Scott Campbell & Lake Bell

Scott Campbell & Lake Bell

In a World… writer, director and actress Lake Bell is entering a whole new world! The actress and her husband Scott Campbell are officially parents! The couple have welcomed their first baby, a daughter. Beyond sharing the happy news, though, the couple have kept any further details about their new baby girl private.

Owain Yeoman Is Going to Be a Dad
Owain Yeoman & Gigi Yallouz

Owain Yeoman & Gigi Yallouz

The Mentalist alum Owain Yeoman is getting ready for an exciting new role: fatherhood! A rep for the actor confirmed to People that Yeoman and his wife Gigi Yallouz are expecting their first baby. That’s going to make 2015 pretty busy for Yeoman! In addition to tackling parenthood, the second season of his latest show, Turn: Washington’s Spies, kicks off next spring.

Best Time for Baby-Making


The makers of the Ovatemp fertility tracking app are now offering the complementary ONDO digital thermometer to monitor the start of ovulation.

A woman’s fertility cycle can be measured based on basal body temperature throughout the month, TechCrunch reports, and the thermometer makes it easy to check that, sending the temperature information via Bluetooth to your iPhone when you stick the thermometer under your tongue.

Ovatemp says its methods are based on traditional Chinese medicine.

The ONDO will ship next Spring, and is available for pre-order now for $75 here.


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