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Frequently Asked Questions - Read This First

Remove me from your email list!
If you are a registered member of the site, login and go to My Profile to change your mailing list options. If you are not a member, please email support and we'd be happy to remove you from all mailings.

I'd like to close my BabyNames account.
You can close your account by going to My Profile and clicking the pink link that says "close my account." If you're already logged in, you can click here.

I know for a fact your meaning/origin is wrong!
Our goal is to maintain the most accurate names database possible. If you have a documented source that we have an error in our database, then we appreciate your input. Please email support to report it.

You've listed [NAME] as a boy's name and I'm a girl! (or vice versa)
Sometimes we enter the most common gender of a particular name. For example, we know there are women named Michael, but it's most often used as a boy's name. You are always free to email support and request that we change the gender of a name. We will then research the recent birth trends for that name and see if it makes sense to change it in our database.

You should include the pronunciation of each name!
Names are pronounced differently depending on the culture and the person. For example, the name Jaime could be pronounced JAY-mee or HI-may. There are individuals with the name Dana that pronounce it both DAN-na and DAY-na, We don't want to imply that there is a "correct" way to pronounce a name.

My name is not in your database!
First, try to look for alternate spellings. If your name is GENNYPHIR, most likely it is an alternate spelling of JENNIFER. Although we try to include alternate spellings, we can't get every single permutation and creation. If your name is created and there are no alternates in our database, we'd be happy to add it. It is helpful if you can include your name's meaning and origin, but if not, we will research it. However, we cannot report back to you by tomorrow for your school report.

I'm having a baby - please send me name suggestions.
If you'd like the staff to help with name suggestions, please check out our Name Consulting Service. You can also join the Message Boards Community to help get name suggestions and opinions on your favorite names.

I'm interested in advertising on
Thank you for your interest! We have advertising programs for all budgets, whether you are a small business or international conglomerate! For more information, visit our advertising page.

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