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BabyNames.com is considered by international media as the authoritative source for information about names and naming.

Latest Press Release: BabyNames.com Announces Top Baby Names of 2016

Site founder and name consultant Jennifer Moss is available for print and on-air interviews to comment on celebrity names, naming trends and challenges. At the end of each year, BabyNames.com releases the top baby names of the year, which is picked up by national and international radio, television and print news sources.

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Not Your Father's Podcast December 5, 2016
The Power/Psychology Behind Names
Huffington Post November 29, 2016; Mallory Moss
Top Celebrity Baby Naming Trends Of 2016
Elle Magazine - Australia November 18, 2016; Mahalia Chang
Mila Kunis Stopped Ashton Kutcher From Naming Their Baby Something Pretty Dumb
InStyle Magazine November 10, 2016; Olivia Bahou
Here’s Why We Should Have Seen the Name “Dream Kardashian” Coming
Huggies.com October 17, 2016; Bethany Kandel
Initials That Do and Don't Make Great Boy Names
Romper September 7, 2016; Kaitlin Kimond
What Did Daniela Ruah Name Her Baby? It's Adorably Unique
Huffington Post July 28, 2016; Mallory Moss
The U.S.’s Most Popular Baby Names By State — Regional Differences, Trends And Surprises!
Women's Day July 8, 2016; Rebecca Shinners
The Outrageous New Way Moms-to-Be Are Choosing Baby Names
Orange County Register July 5, 2016; Laylan Connelly
Need help picking that perfect name for baby?
Washington Post May 18, 2016; Cindy Boren
A couple named their baby Espn. They aren’t the only ones.
Inquisitor May 10, 2016; Stacey Cole
Seth Meyers' Baby Son is Born and His Name is Very Similar to A 90s Celebrity
New York Daily News May 6, 2016; Meera Jagannnathan
Baby name Isis drops from Social Security Administration’s top 1,000 names in 2015
Marketwatch April 9, 2016; Maria Lamagna
Kylo, he’s your father — parents are naming babies after new ‘Star Wars’ characters
Chicago Tribune February 5, 2016; Leslie Mann
Parents choosing surnames for baby's first name
The Columbus Dispatch January 3, 2016; Lisa Abraham
'Abbey' ready to hit the road
Huffington Post December 2, 2015; Mallory Moss
The Top 10 Boy and Girl Names of 2015 — or What Millennials Are Naming Their Babies
Consumer Affairs November 30, 2015; Sarah Young
Charlotte and Oliver top most popular baby names of 2015
Yahoo Health November 15, 2015; Molly Triffin
The 15 ‘Hottest’ Names for Men and Women, According to This Dating App
CBS 4, WTTV September 30, 2015; Nicole Pence
Naming the Twins: Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo or Leonardo?!
Irish Central August 19, 2015; Sheila Langan
What is the only Irish name among the top baby names of the past century?
Houston Chronicle September 3, 2015; Kyrie O'Connor
Jennifernomenon: Name topped charts for more than decade
ABC News July 14, 2015; Meghan Keneally
'Atticus' May Dip in Name Popularity Because of Harper Lee's New Book
Huffington Post June 25, 2015; Mallory Moss
Latino Popular Culture Heavily Infuences U.S. Baby Naming Trends
New York Post June 25, 2015; Robert Rorke
Why Caitlyn Jenner is the most shameless Kardashian of them all
Huffington Post May 27, 2015; Mallory Moss
The Top 10 Best Celebrity Baby Names of 2015 (so far)
Culturemap Houston May 19, 2015; Marcy de Luna
Noah, yes; Miley, no! Most popular baby names are classic, biblical and a little star struck
BBC News May 8, 2015; Payton Guion
Emma and Noah are most popular US baby names for 2014
The Independent May 8, 2015
Top-10 US girls' names 2014
CBS New York May 8, 2015
Emma And Noah Top 2014 Baby Names
Huffington Post May 5, 2015; Mallory Moss
The Most Eagerly Awaited Baby Name of the Century: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Windsor
Good Housekeeping April 13, 2015; Megan Friedman
11 Classic Baby Names That Are Ready for a Comeback
News.com Australia April 13, 2015; Neil Keene
Oh my GoT! Parents pick Khaleesi, Arya over common Australian names for their babies
Huffington Post April 12, 2015; Mallory Moss
Arya, Khaleesi and Tyrion: The Game of Thrones Effect on American Baby Naming
Bustle April 11, 2015; Jennifer Still
Why Did Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Name Their Son Silas Randall Timberlake? The Meaning Is Special
People Magazine April 7, 2015; Andrea Park
Israel David Dillard: The Story Behind Jill and Derick's Unique Baby Name
Huffington Post March 18, 2015; Mallory Moss
14 Celebrities Who Changed Their Names (and Why)
Essential Baby Feb 5, 2015; Letitia Rowlands Moss
8 top baby name trends for 2015
EnBeauce.com December 28, 2014; Véronique Veilleux
Léa et William sont les prénoms les plus populaires en 2014
Irish Central December 4, 2014; Jane Walsh
Thanks, Liam Neeson! New poll shows Liam is still top Irish baby name
The Globe and Mail December 3, 2014; Janie Ginsberg
Netflix, Disney and the Captain: Here’s what inspired baby names in 2014
Minneapolis Star Tribune September 19, 2014; Kevyn Burger
When it comes to baby names, Harper is the new Jennifer
TMZ May 21, 2014
Kendra Wilkinson-We Named Our Daughter
EOnline July 30, 2014; Natalie Finn
Eric Benét Welcomes Second Baby Girl With Wife Manuela Testolini—Find Out Her Beautiful Name!
USA Today May 9, 2014; Sharon Jayson
Noah, Sophia most popular baby names for 2013
The Telegraph UK May 6, 2014; Bryony Gordon
An A-Z for the new parent: Bryony Gordon's guide to what you really need
CNN.com/EW April 10, 2014; Stephanie Robbins
'Game of Thrones' spawns epic baby name boom
CNN.com March 18, 2014; Breeanna Hare
Why Kate Winslet named her son Bear Blaze
Huffington Post Live February 12, 2014; Nancy Redd
A Designer Baby Name Is Available For A Price
Sports Illustrated December 13, 2013
SI's 2013 Sportsman of the Year: Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning
NY Post May 21, 2013; Reed Tucker
Newborns Names of Fame
Parade Magazine July 23, 2013; Roisin Kelley
Prince George? Prince James? See the Top Names for Kate and William's Newborn Son
Headlines & Global News May 14, 2013; Robert Christie
Fastest-Growing Baby Names Like 'King' and 'Messiah' May Cause High Expectations
ABC.Net.au August 7, 2013; Spencer Howson
Family affairs with Susan Hetherington
Today January 9, 2013; Wendy Grossman Kantor
When baby naming becomes an obsession
International Business TimesJuly 30, 2013; Maria Vultaggio
List Of Heaviest Babies Born In Australia, U.K., U.S. And Canada
Telegraph UK November 9, 2012; Sally Peck
Immigration does not approve of my daughter’s name
In Touch Magazine January 16, 2012
Mariah wins--and loses--name game
MTV Online January 9, 2012; James Montgomery
Beyonce and Jay-Z's Blue Ivy: What's in a Name?
Arizona Republic January 9, 2012
People: A title baby Bear must cruelly bear
The Washington Post January 8, 2012; Janice D'Arcy
Blue Ivy, daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, Arrives
Boston Herald January 1, 2012
Alicia Silverstone wins baby name honors
L.A. Times December 29, 2011; Patrick Kevin Day
Worst celebrity baby names of 2011: Moroccan, Bear Blu, Zuzu
CNN Entertainment December 29, 2011; Lindsay Hunter Lopez
Alicia Silverstone ties with Mariah for worst celeb baby name
ABC News/Good Morning America December 28, 2011
Alicia Silverstone’s Son Lands on Worst Celebrity Child Names List
Business Insider October 20, 2011; Nick Jardine
You'll Never Guess The Name Of Sarkozy's Baby Daughter
New York Post May 10, 2011; Kirsten Fleming
Have celebrity baby names gone too far?
New York Post May 6, 2011; Rita Delfiner
Newborn 'name' calling
The Courier-Mail - Brisbane, AU August 16, 2010; Robyn Ironside, Alex Dickinson
New parents opt for traditional names
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review July 30, 2010; Rachel Weaver
Baby name-snatching sometimes gives birth to dispute
CBS News July 21, 2010; Amanda Cochran
Best Baby Names Websites
Tulsa World News - Tulsa, OK July 14, 2010; Gavin Off
Ethan, Isabella top names
Grandparents.com June 8, 2010; Bethany Kandel
When a Grandchild Gets an Odd Name
Fox News May 7, 2010
Isabella and Jacob Top Most Popular Baby Name List
USA Today May 7, 2010
Isabella top name for girls; Jacob No. 1 for boys
CBS News May 7, 2010
Baby Names: Isabella New No.1, Jacob Still Rules
AOL April 22, 2010; Gwen Parkes
The Science of Being a Baby Namer
The Journal & Courier - Lafayette, IN January 3, 2010; Taya Flores
Naming the baby -- it's important to get it right
The Standard - Australia January 2, 2010; Tina Liptai
Cute, cuddly and popular: Amelia and Max our top baby names
The Omaha World-Herald December 29, 2009; Cleveland Evans
Double the Name Fun
The Daily Times - Maryville, TN December 27, 2009
BabyNames.com Announces Top Names of 2009
The Washington Post December 18, 2009; Brian Reid
Playing the Name Game
The New York Post December 4, 2009; Rita Delfiner
Jayden is appealing Apple-ation
The New York Post December 4, 2009; Rita Delfiner
Jayden is appealing Apple-ation
Celebrity Parents MagazineNovember, 2009
Author's Corner: Jennifer Moss of BabyNames.com
The Guardian - UKNovember 3, 2009
What's in a name like Kai Rooney? Piers, oceans and gravy, apparently
Omaha World-Herald - Omaha,NE November 3, 2009; Cleveland Evans
'Dated' name of Leona will likely rise again
In Touch Magazine July 13, 2009
Old Fashioned Baby Names are So Hot in Hollywood!
ABC NewsJune 16, 2009; Ki Mae Heussner
Digital Doubles: Sparring Over Screen Names
Staten Island AdvanceMay 26, 2009; Elise McIntosh
Hello, My Name Is...
Arizona RepublicMay 13, 2009; Glen Creno
Anthony, Isabella top names for Ariz. Babies in '08
Pregnancy TodayFebruary 12, 2009; Beth Hering
Middle Names: The Evolution of the Middle Moniker
Gazette CommunicationsJanuary 24, 2009; Rod Boshart
Ava, Ethan top latest Iowa baby name lists
Associated PressJanuary 13, 2009; Derrik J. Lang
Baby-name experts: 'Seraphina Affleck' is heavenly
Cookie MagazineJanuary 13, 2009; Monica Perry
Baby Name Trends
USA TodayDecember 17, 2008; Cathy Lynn Grossman
Little 'Adolf Hitler' and the power of names
NewsweekNovember 21, 2008
Baby-name experts grade 'Bronx Mowgli'
Time MagazineNovember 14, 2008; Joel Stein
Name My Baby
Reuters AfricaNovember 6, 2008
Obama victory sparks baby naming frenzy
Kansas City StarKansas City, MO; Sept 30, 2008; Sharon Hoffmann
Baby Bellas Everywhere
Pregnancy TodaySept 12, 2008; Kim Seidel
Baby Name Consultants A Modern Way to Pick Baby's Name
Gainseville SunGainesville, FL; July 16, 2008; Jessica Newman
How parents choose moniker is changing
Associated PressJuly 14, 2008
Hard Knox for Jolie-Pitt boy, but Vivienne shines
E! OnlineJuly 13, 2008; Joal Ryan
Is Knox Gold? Vivienne the Next Isabella?
Los Angeles MagazineJuly, 2008; Rebecca Ford
Free Advice: Oh Baby
MomLogicMay 22, 2008
Baby (Domain) Names
The Charleston Post and CourierCharleston, NC; May 21, 2008; Brian Hicks
William, Madison rule in S.C.
MomLogicMay 19, 2008
'Desperate' Naming Game
Press ReleaseApr 22, 2008
Top "Green" Baby Names for Earth Day
The Buffalo NewsBuffalo, NY; Apr 22, 2008
Picking a name for the baby.
The Washington TimesApr 20, 2008; Gabriella Boston
Antique Chic; Great-grandparents' names popular again for newborns.
CNNMoney.comOnline; Apr 17, 2008
BabyNames.com Selects DigitalPost Interactive's Digital Media Sharing Solution
Baltimore SunBaltimore, MD; Mar 25, 2008
Name's the game.
Signal ItemPittsburgh, PA; Mar 25, 2008
Baby name game can get a bit outlandish.
Chicago TribuneChicago, IL; Mar 2, 2008
There's no place for these kid names.
Charleston GazetteCharleston, WV; Feb 10, 2008; Tara Tuckwiller
Web sites help new parents pick perfect name for their baby.
Miami HeraldMiami, FL; Jan 30, 2008
Who knew Miley had a third alter ego?
Daily News TribuneWaltham, MA; Jan 25, 2008
What's in a name?
Chicago Sun-TimesChicago, IL; Jan 20, 2008; Monica Collins
Name dog after book or Barack?
Mankato Free Press Mankato, MN; Jan 2, 2008
Le Sueur couple dons first-baby of '08 honor.
DeMoines RegisterDeMoines, IA; Dec 31, 2007; Jennifer Jacobs
Google, goodies and 'angels' target women in Iowa.
The Washington PostWashington, DC; Dec 2, 2007; Chris Cillizza; Shailagh Murray
The Man Who Helped Start Huckabee's Roll
The Christian Science MonitorNov 23, 2007; Jacqui Goddard
People turn to consultants to help name their kids.
Detroit NewsDetroit, MI; Jun 30, 2007
What's in a baby name? Money!
Chicago Sun-TimesChicago, IL; Jul 29, 2007; Kara Spak
What's in a name? Maybe a $350 fee; Families are hiring 'nameologists' to get a perfect fit.
SternGermany; Jul 11, 2007
Baby-Branding wird zur Manie
Omaha World-HeraldOmaha, NE; Jun 27, 2007
Laboring over a name.
San Diego Union TribuneSan Diego, CA; Jun 23, 2007
Parents spend time, money picking names for children.
The StateS. Carolina; Jun 23, 2007
Baby Name Game a Thriving Business
Wall Street JournalNew York, NY; Jun 22, 2007; Alexandra Alter
The Baby-Name Business
Seattle TimesSeattle, WA; Aug 19, 2007; Anna Jane Grossman
Name that baby... with a little professional help.
The TribuneSan Luis Obispo, CA; Jan 14, 2007
New Central Coast Parents are Choosing Old-School Monikers
ABCSpain; Jan 9, 2007
Asesor de nombres para ninos, el negocio de moda.
Hull Daily MailUK; Jan 2, 2007
The new arrivals who got 2007 off to a special start.
Tulsa WorldTulsa, OK; Jan 1, 2007
What's in a name? From Caden to Braden the most popular names for baby.
The RecordBergen County, NJ; Dec 30, 2006
Web Watch: Best of 2006
Detroit NewsDetroit, MI; Dec 29, 2006
Sites trot out best-of lists for the past year.
Victoria AdvocateVictoria County, TX; Dec 22, 2006
People really, really love boy's names that rhyme with Aidan.
Star TribuneMinneapolis, MN; Dec 19, 2006; Salas, Randy A.
Best of 2006 online.
The Cincinnati PostCincinnati, OH; Nov 25, 2006
What's in a celebrity's name?
Chicago Sun-TimesChicago, IL; Jun 25, 2006; Paige Wiser
Name-droppers: Real celebrities pick their own monikers
Chatanooga TimesChattanooga, TN; Jun 5, 2006
A name is a name, sometimes for fame.
Associated PressMay 31, 2006; Jake Coyle
Jolie-Pitt Baby Delivered by C-Section
Boston HeraldBoston, MA; May 29, 2006; Fargen, Jessica
Baby Shiloh may be 'bringer of peace.'
The MirrorLondon, England; Apr 12, 2006
Site of the Day
Telegraph-HeraldDubuque, IA; Feb 9, 2006; Erik Hogstrom
Parents aim for ideal name.
St. Joseph News-PressSt. Joseph, MO; Jan 16, 2006
Baby Names become unusual.
Orlando SentinelOrlando, FL; Oct 10, 2005
Nicknames give insight about namer, named alike.
Atlanta Journal ConstitutionAtlanta, GA; Sep 16, 2005
It's a Preston Michael for Britney and hubby.
The Post StandardSyracuse, NY; Jul 18, 2005
A Jeff By Any Other Name Would Seem Less Dated
Orlando SentinelOrlando, FL; May 11, 2005
Kid is one of the first to be named after Jedi idol.
Daily HeraldArlington Heights, IL; Mar 19, 2005
'03 birth statistics offer interesting tidbits.
Denver Rocky Mountain NewsJan 4, 2005
Short Cuts
Daily SentinelGrand Junction, CO; Dec 26, 2004
What makes a name? - Faith, ethnicity, flowers and TV among influences...
The IndependentLondon, England; Dec 20, 2004
Pandora in America
Portland Press HeraldPortland, ME; Nov 11, 2004
Baby Bio: Caleb Daniel Young
The Fresno BeeFresno, CA; Oct 19, 2004
Naming a baby is no joke.
Bismarck TribuneBismarck, ND; Jul 18, 2004; Keith Darnay
Web sites to match the experiences of everyday life.
Chicago Sun-TimesMay 23, 2004; Paige Wiser
One bad baby name don't spoil the whole bunch.
The Christian Science MonitorMar 24, 2004
That's life.
The Milwaukee Journal SentinelMilwaukee, WI; Mar 14, 2004
Compass Short Stuff
The RecordBergen County, NJ; Jan 11, 2004
And the rest were snoring quite loudly.
Grand Forks HeraldGrand Forks, ND; Jan 10, 2004
By Any Other Name - Parents of Altru Babies Pick Emma, Logan Most
Telegraph-HeraldDubuque, IA; Jan 4, 2004
Top baby names make gains; Popular names at Dubuque hospitals in '02 become more popular in '03.
Arizona Daily StarDec 25, 2003
Popularity of Hispanic names for babies grows.
The Wichita EagleWichita, KS; Dec 24, 2003
Family briefs: Sleep and learning; Moms and sex; Page skippers; Celtic names; Five-second rule.
The Seattle TimesSep 9, 2003; Stephanie Dunnewind
Baby names: Jacob, Emily remain popular, but trend is toward unique.
Philadelphia InquirerPhiladelphia, PA; May 20, 2003
This week's Web Winners: Baby names, drug information and more.
Dallas Morning NewsDallas, TX; May 13, 2003
Name chip off the old block after Frito-Lay icon, win scholarship.
Washington TimesWashington, DC; May 11, 2003
Baby names may reflect Grace; nothing ordinary Will do.
Western MailCardiff, Wales; Apr 14, 2003
Ryan's baby girl has the name of a Celtic goddess.
The Capital TimesMadison, WI; Jan 17, 2003
Name of the Baby: Madison Wins
The Oakland TribuneOakland, CA; Jan 5, 2003
Baby name game goes high-tech as choices go traditional.
Daily RecordGlasgow, Scotland; Feb 8, 2002
Making a name on the Web; On the net.
Arizona Daily StarJan 8, 2002
Baby names reflect state's Latino culture.
The Wall Street JournalNov 12, 2001; Molly Williams
Finding Baby Help Online
Arizona Daily StarMar 24, 2001
Jacob, Emily are favorite baby names.
The Virginian PilotFeb 18, 2001
What's in a name? Everything, to some parents...
San Antonio Express NewsSan Antonio, TX; Dec 31, 1999
Millennial mania high for clever baby names But be careful, folks...
The Dallas Morning NewsDallas, TX; Sep 14, 1999
And baby makes three.