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Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his wife welcomed their second child, a baby boy. Get all the details. - BabyNames.com Celebrity Baby Blog
July 20, 2017

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his wife, Tasha McCauley, are parents again, welcoming their second child, their rep confirmed to People.com.

The actor and his wife, a robotics expert, had a baby boy in June, though no details about the baby’s name or the exact date of birth have been revealed. [Read more...]

Cristiana Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are expecting, just weeks after he welcome twins via surrogate. - BabyNames.com Celebrity Baby Blog
July 18, 2017

New dad Cristiano Ronaldo is about to become a dad again…his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, is pregnant just weeks after they welcomed twins via surrogate!

The Real Madrid star will welcome his fourth child, he confirmed with El Mundo today. When asked if he was excited about the new addition, he said, “Yes, very.”

Cristiano’s first child with Georgina will join Cristiano Jr., 7, and Eva Maria and Mateo, who were born in June. [Read more...]

Topher Grace and Ashley Hinshaw are expecting their first child together. Get the details. - BabyNames.com Celebrity Baby Blog

Congratulations to actor Topher Grace and his wife, actress Ashley Hinshaw…the couple are expecting their first child together.

The news comes on the heels of Ashley appearing to sport a baby bump over the weekend when the couple were out getting a meal at the Sweet Butter Kitchen in Los Angeles. [Read more...]

Jessica Alba is pregnant! She and husband Cash Warren are expecting their second child together. - BabyNames.com Celebrity Baby Blog
July 17, 2017

Congratulations to actress Jessica Alba and her husband, Cash Warren. The couple are expecting their third child together!

Jessica took to Instagram to announce that she’s pregnant again, posting an adorable video where she cradles her stomach. [Read more...]

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