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Slavic Names
My Best Friend’s Baby


My best friend is due with her first baby, a boy, in May. She has chosen the name Alyksandr because her husband insists that has to be the name. If that wasn’t the only problem, his middle name was going to be Matthew until her dad passed away in December from cancer. Her husband would not let her get rid of Matthew as the middle name and use the middle name James (her fathers name) instead. So the baby’s full name will now be Alyksandr Matthew James. Is it just me or is this name A LOT for such a small person? What about the spelling, too much? Does Alyksandr have an origin or is just a made up spelling of the normal Alexander?

P.S. The baby will be called Alyk or AJ.

Thanks for the feedback!

Alyksandr Kerzhakov

Alyksandr Kerzhakov

Dear Courtney,

I am not a big fan of two middle names, but it is not unusual. The real roblem I see with the name is the alternate spelling they are planning for Alyksandr. Because it is not a standard spelling here in the U.S., it puts a burden on the child to have to spell it for people the rest of his life.

Alyksandr is an Eastern European spelling of the name Alexander, but rare in the U.S. for American-born children. There is a particularly famous football (soccer) player from Russia named Aleksandr Kerzhakov.

Feel free to share this with the couple, but bottom line, it’s the parents’ decision.

About Evuska and Feedback on Cherry

Hi Jennifer,

My question is:  Do you know the meaning of Evuska?  I was told it is basically my own name (Evelyn) in Slovak. Could you in some way verify this for me?  Thank you so very much.

My Comment is:  You advised a writer to you not to name her child Cherry. Respectfully, one of my sorority sisters is a Cherry and no one ever teased her about it as I was teased with Evelyn (Elephant and Eveleven). My mother had wanted to name for my father Stephan with Stephanie, but her mother talked her out of it because she thought I would be called Fanny and she totally disapproved with that name!  But Stevie would have been much better in my own opinion.  So, this is to say it is all in how we look at a name as to how it appears as “good” or bad”, at least in my own experience.  That said, I love reading your opinions and suggestions.  Heck I love the entire site you have made for all of us searching names!  Thank you so much for all you do for the rest of us.

Evelyn, call me Ev but NEVER Eve!!

Dear Evelyn (Not Eve!),

Thank you for your feedback regarding the name Cherry. You are right in that any name can be teased, if someone is determined to tease! However, we wouldn’t want to start our children off with any kind of disadvantage regarding their names, and I believe Cherry would be a disadvantage in this day and age.

As for the name Evuska: It is a Slavic form of the name Eve, most likely from the region of Czechoslovakia.