Jennifer and Mallory discuss names from the Star Trek Universe. The stories behind how the most iconic characters got their names, Star Trek names that you can use for human babies, and some cool names of cast members throughout the years.


Names mentioned in this episode: Itziar, Práxedes, Kevyn, Tiberius, Spock, XTMPRSZNTWLFD, Uhura, Kato, Khan, Noonien/Noonian, Geordi, B’Elanna, Chakotay, Seven of Nine, T’Pau, M’Ress, Siranna, Jett, Renaud, Meredith, Eivin.

A special thanks to Christopher Gronlund of Not About Lumberjacks podcast for reading our excerpt of James T. Kirk from Star Trek: The Movie, a companion novel.

Star Trek Names - title chard with characters