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A full term pregnancy lasts 40 weeks (280 days), separated into trimesters, starting from the first day of your last menstrual period. Physicians traditionally calculate the term including the two weeks between your last period and conception. Enter your due date to trackyour baby week by week and view animated videos of what your baby looks like inside the womb!

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My 5 week mark:  

Although your baby looks just about like a tadpole now, it actually has a heart! The umbilical cord has formed connecting your baby to you for nourishment. Nausea is common in the first trimester (morning sickness, especially), so you should be scheduling monthly visits to your obstetrician for quality prenatal care! Make sure you have eliminated alcohol, caffeine and artificial sweeteners from your diet.

fetus at 1 month
VIDEO: fetus at 1 month
My 10 week mark:  

Your baby's major organs have now formed. The fingernails are just beginning to grow, and the arms and legs can bend. Your baby is now about 1 inch long and you may start feeling a little tight in your normal clothes.

My 12 week mark:  

You have now completed your first trimester! Your fetus can now suck its thumb and make its first fist. By now, your hormones are raging and you may become more emotional than normal (like uncontrolled weeping at those Long Distance commercials).

fetus at 3 months
VIDEO: fetus at 3 months
My 18 week mark:  

Now your baby is blinking and can move its hands in a grabbing motion! Your baby is also most likely growing scalp hair. The exhaustion you've felt during the beginning of your pregnancy should be gone by now.

fetus at 4 months
VIDEO: fetus at 4 months
My 23 week mark:  

Your baby's skin is now red and wrinkled and its eyelids and brows are now developed. You may start feeling your baby move within your tummy! That is fine as its responding to what you eat, do, and even the music you listen to! Baby's lungs are becoming more developed, too!

fetus at 5 months
VIDEO: fetus at 5 months