Who is Earth’s Best?

The Earth’s Best Organic® brand is the first complete line of organic infant nutrition and care products. We strive to provide better-for-baby products that are pure, safe and sustainable. We ensure that the ingredients we procure for our products do not use potentially harmful pesticides or fertilizers. This rigorous quality assurance process allows us to meet the strict standards for organic certification. Earth’s Best Organic® infant purees in both jars and pouches are produced from high quality, great tasting organic fruits and vegetables. -Earth’s Best Website

We received several stage 2 and 3 baby food purees from Earth’s Best to review. Aside from those couple things, we really love Earth’s Best and their baby food. Our 3-year-old son enjoyed Earth’s Best baby foods when he was a baby, and we always thought there were great combinations (sweet potato and apple, orange and banana, etc.). Our 7-month-old daughter has been slow to start solid food and hadn’t really been ecstatic about purees, but she did seem to really like the Squash and Sweet Peas Baby Food Puree from Earth’s Best when we offered it tonight.

The Earth’s Best Organic Difference:

  • Organic ingredients grown without potentially harmful pesticides
  • Unsweetened, unsalted, and no added modified starches
  • Kosher certified products (excluding meat varieties)
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Rigorous product testing to guarantee quality and safety

The only complaint I can think of was that there seemed to have been some dried baby food coating a few of the pouches, as if one had leaked, though I can’t tell that it was any of the ones we received. Also, when each pouch is opened, the first “squirt” of food tends to be a darker color and different texture than the rest of the food in the pouch (I’ve noticed this about all baby food pouches from all brands, however– I just wonder what causes this and if it’s okay?).

She hasn’t quite mastered sucking the food straight out of the pouch on her own yet, so we’ve been feeding her with a spoon. When she tasted this product, she sort of gasped and reached her hands out to grab the pouch as if she was asking for more! She ate quite a bit of it before turning down any more, which she has typically done almost right away with other brands of purees (and homemade baby food, as well). We will keep trying the other flavors and seeing how much she enjoys them, too!

Earth’s Best Organic products are available at major grocery and drugstore chains nationwide, and online from Amazon Pantry.

Disclaimer: We received this product free for review purposes. All opinions are the contributor’s alone.



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