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Why such terrible Names of the Day?

Dear Jennifer,

I hate to say it, but your so-called “Name of the Day” has been terrible lately. What kind of names are Skanawati, Thuong, Saturday, Tasman? I worry about your mental health? Why don’t you post some real, American names that we can consider really using!


Ashley P.

Dear Ashley, prides itself in having a vast, ethnically-diverse database. We receive visitors from all over the world, in hundreds of countries. We are, not

Regarding the names you mentioned, Skanawati is a Native American name from theĀ Onondaga tribe. Thuong is Vietnamese, meaning “love tenderly.” Saturday, while being a name of a weekday, has also been used as a given name and pays homage to the god Saturn. Tasman means “person from Tasmania,” an island off the coast of Australia.

The Name of the Day is chosen randomly by computer, and no, I don’t worry about my computer’s mental health. šŸ™‚ As you can see, it’s not just choosing popular names, acceptable in the United States. It’s choosing from our entire database.Ā If you want to see the most popular names in the U.S., you can visit the US Social Security office’s birth name lists. Maybe those will be more acceptable to you and your tastes.

Jennifer Moss