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Ethan for a girl?

Hi Jennifer,

A little question from a fan of your site from the Netherlands!

I’m a single mom with a beautiful little boy Caleb and having another little bundle of joy in 2016. I’ve decided on the name Ethan if I’m having a boy, but can’t really decide on a girls name. All the names on my girls-list are more boys’ names…. Like Aidan, Logan, Mason and I’ve even considered Ethan, just because of my love for the name. Here in the Netherlands the names Caleb and Ethan are extremely rare as it is, and it’s getting more and more popular to give girls a name that originally is more for boys… What do you think about the trend of boys’ names for girls?



Dear Michaela,

I think as name genders are becoming more fluid, it is acceptable to give a girl a name that was historically male. At least here in the U.S., I cannot speak for the Netherlands. I guess it all depends on culture and how your daughter would live with the name. If it’s highly unusual for a girl to be named Ethan in Holland, she may be teased for it. I think some great cross-gender names for girls would be Everett, Logan, or Parker! There is a famous actress named Parker Posey.

Hope that helps!




Parker Posey, actress

Parker Posey, actress