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Ruthie Ann Miles Shares Happy News

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Ruthie Ann Miles, the Tony-winning star of The King and I, announced on Twitter that she and her husband Jonathan Blumenstein are expecting a child together.

Ruthie Ann suffered a terrible loss two years ago. Ruthie Ann, who was seven months pregnant at the time, was involved in a car accident with her five-year-old daughter Abigail Joy, her friend Lauren Lew, and Lauren’s one-year-old son Joshua. A female driver, who reportedly suffered from seizures and was ordered not to drive, crashed into Ruthie Ann’s car. Abigail and Joshua both died in the crash. Ruthie Ann was severely injured. Two months after the crash, she lost her unborn child, who would have been named Sophia.

In her pregnancy announcement, Ruthie Ann shared, “We know Abigail Joy and Sophia would have loved being big sisters.”

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We wish Ruthie Ann and Jonathan lots of love as they prepare to welcome a new child into their lives.