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Rapper Tee Grizzley Is Going To Be A Father!

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Rapper Tee Grizzley took to Instagram to announce quite a bit of news! The rapper, whose dating life as of late was unknown, shared that he had a girlfriend while announcing that they were expecting! But that’s not all the post shared. He also revealed the gender of his first child!

Tee Grizzley shared a series of Instagram posts that began with a picture of him and his new girlfriend laying down together. He also shared the gender reveal he and his girlfriend had to reveal that they are expecting a baby boy!

The couple used a cake as their gender reveal that was adorned with three bears: a papa bear, a mama bear, and a baby bear. The baby bear had a pink bow and a blue collar. When the cake was cut, blue sprinkles emerged to reveal they were expecting a son. Tee Grizzley smiled from ear to ear in the photo at the reveal.

Tee Grizzley captioned the photo creatively. He wrote, “At first I didn’t need you and you didn’t need me so it was genuine. Now we got somebody that need both of us and we gone need each other more than ever.” The rapper is usually hush-hush about his romantic life, so we may start seeing a little bit more inside his life now that he is becoming a father!

We wish Tee Grizzley and his girlfriend good health and happiness as they prepare to welcome their baby boy into the world!