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Christina Milian Reveals The Sex Of Her Baby!

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At the end of last month, singer Christina Milian announced that she was pregnant with her second child. She revealed her pregnancy in a sweet photo with her boyfriend Matt Pokora holding up a sonogram picture. Just two weeks after announcing their pregnancy, the couple had more news to share!

The couple happily announced that it’s a boy!

Christina didn’t need to tell us she was on Cloud 9 because it’s clear to see just how thrilled and excited she is about welcoming a baby boy into the world. In fact, the whole family seemed incredibly excited! In one photo, you see the family really let loose with their emotions. Father Matt is jumping into the air and Christina’s daughter, Violet, 9, is completely over-joyed.

For their gender reveal, the couple decorated their yard with pink and blue balloons and used smoke to reveal the gender. The blue smoke billowed and the couple learned they were expecting a baby boy!

Christina and Matt, a French singer, have been dating since 2017. Their son will be Matt’s first child. Christina shares her first daughter, Violet, with her ex-husband, The Dream. Nine-year-old Violet is sure to be a great big sister. She’s definitely going to be a big help for mom and Matt!

A few days ago, Christina shared an adorable baby bump photo and talked about how this pregnancy was a completely different experience for her. The singer looks happier than ever. That smile! Her baby boy will be so excited to meet her earth-side and discover he has a truly loving mama.