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BabyNames.com founder Jennifer Moss discusses the popular website and baby name trends for this year! - BabyNames.com Celebrity Baby BlogBabyNames.com founder Jennifer Moss chatted recently with ABC30 about… you guessed it… baby names!

BabyNames.com is a popular go-to for parents looking for that perfect name, providing plenty of inspiration, including the origin and meanings of each name.

Jennifer explained the significance of choosing a name, noting: “I think a name is so tied to our identity that it’s one of the most important things that a parent can choose for their child.”

Jennifer also spoke about how the site got its start and gained visitors over the years, noting, “Once I registered babynames.com in 1996 it just snowballed and now we get almost 1 million visitors a month.”

In regards to some popular naming trends, Jennifer spoke about what’s hot right now, sharing: “This year on the boy’s side a lot of what we talked about is occupational surnames, so we’re talking Mason and Sawyer.”

She added, for “the girls side, a huge trend is flower names, so Magnolia, Iris and Lily.”

Of course, with so many choices, selecting a name for your new arrival can be a huge challenge, but Jennifer has some great tips. She believes that looking ahead into the future will help make the decision a bit easier.

She explained: “Look at the name from the perspective of the person who’s going to have to live with it. Can the name grow with the child? You’re not just naming a baby, you’re also naming an adult.”