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For a very low fee, you can become a BabyNames.com VIP member. VIP members get premium features, including full access to read and post in the BabyNames.com Message Boards community!

"I think the fact that we have to pay really helps to keep everyone genuine. People are less likely to join just to create commotion. You know that everyone on here actually intends to get/give advice, create friendships... + more
~ Lauren, GA
"I love being a part of the BabyNames community! I think being a paid board helps with a feeling of security and community. In an open community I would be afraid... + more
~ Megan Marie, MN
"Paying for membership just makes the only experience so much easier I think, less likely to have fakers and you feel as though you know the people you are posting with. You follow their stories, you understand them and you know they are there when you need it."
~ Effie, UK
"I love that it's a paid site, but it's not too expensive. It's affordable enough so that all kinds of people can join--it's not just some elite club."
~ Laura, CA
"I joined when I was 18 and it is impossible to separate who I am as a woman and now as a parent, from the community. I was here 13 years... + more
~ Julie, OH
"I honestly feel like I know most of the people on here and feel comfortable posting about topics that I wouldn't be comfortable about if it was an open community. Although I'm not... + more
~ Lauren, MN
"I think of how much I spent on books about pregnancy, babies, breastfeeding, all that, compared to a subscription to BN. And unlike those, BN has a whole... + more
~ Holly, IL
"I feel like people are very respectful of each other because they are repeat posters--not just post and run. I also think it self-selects to have a subscription. In my opinion, people are more likely to take the rules and community more seriously if they have a bit of a financial buy in."
~ Samantha, CA
"We all come from different parts of the globe with different naming styles, yet we can communicate thoughtfully and share our ideas without harsh criticism. Unlike some websites... + more
~ Lee, NY
"I think the best part about the closed community is that the people here are real! Not only is everyone real, but most people who join here... + more
~ Carrie, NH
"I love that I see all walks of life represented here and yet, I don't feel out of place with those who are extremely different than me because of the supportive network we have. I love that I can... + more
~ Dove, MI
"BabyNames is not just a message board, not just a place to hang out, get a few questions answered, chat about the latest news...it's so much deeper than that, and so much more a true community in the best sense of the word. It's an important part of my life in the same way... + more
~ Melissa, FL
"This has been my favorite site since before my daughter...I think I joined in 1999. 16 years! Wow. I love it and agree that subscriptions help with trolls and make me feel safer about posting pics and such! Thanks so much for this site."
~ Meigha, Alberta