Most Popular Baby Names of 2008

What are the most popular names of 2008? Below we have listed the top most popular baby names by year, as calculated from the names added to our users' favorite name lists. Our popularity lists tend to predict the U.S. Social Security baby names popularity lists because our members are naming future babies! Note: Rankings combine the stats for different spellings of the same name, for example Aidan and Aiden.

For regional name popularity, check out the Top Baby Names by U.S. State.

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1 SAME Aidan/Aiden SAME Ava
2 UP Ethan UP Isabella
3 UP Noah UP Madeline
4 DOWN Cade UP Emma
5 SAME Caleb DOWN Abigail
6 DOWN Braden/Brayden UP Olivia/Alivia
7 UP Jacob UP Lily/Lilly
8 UP Landon UP Sophia/Sofia
9 BIGUP Liam SAME Chloe
10 UP Lucas/Lukas UP Ella
11 DOWN Connor/Conor BIGUP Amelia/Emilia
12 UP Benjamin DOWN Hannah/Hanna
13 DOWN Jackson/Jaxon DOWN Caitlyn/Kaitlyn
14 UP Alexander UP Addison
15 DOWN Gavin BIGUP Audrey
16 UP Gabriel BIGUP Charlotte
17 DOWN Elijah UP Grace
18 UP Owen UP Elizabeth/Elisabeth
19 DOWN Tristan DOWN Isabelle
20 BIGUP Oliver DOWN Arianna
21 BIGUP William BIGUP Emily
22 UP Logan UP Madison
23 DOWN Dylan BIGUP Layla
24 DOWN Jack BIGUP Claire/Clare
25 DOWN Nathan DOWN Hayley/Haley/Hailey
26 DOWN Andrew BIGUP Bella
27 UP Matthew BIGUP Payton/Peyton
28 BIGDOWN Jayden BIGUP Sophie
29 DOWN Joshua BIGUP Natalie
30 BIGUP Chase DOWN Alissa/Alyssa
31 BIGDOWN Aaron BIGUP Sadie
32 DOWN Cole DOWN Paige
33 UP James BIGDOWN Adrianna
34 DOWN Nicholas DOWN Savannah
35 DOWN Zachary BIGUP Scarlett
36 UP Colin BIGUP Riley
37 UP Ryan BIGUP Avery
38 DOWN Dominic/Dominick BIGUP Mia
39 BIGUP Nathaniel BIGUP Lucy/Lucie
40 DOWN Adam BIGDOWN Keira/Kira
41 BIGUP Samuel BIGDOWN Aaliyah
42 DOWN Isaac UP Sarah/Sara
43 BIGUP Mason BIGUP Leah/Lea
44 UP Luke UP Gabriella
45 NEW Elliot/Elliott DOWN Cadence/Kadence
46 BIGUP Grayson/Greyson BIGDOWN Brianna
47 BIGUP Asher BIGUP Violet
48 BIGUP Carter UP Eva
49 DOWN Daniel BIGUP Aubrey
50 UP Evan NEW Kaylee/Kailey
51 BIGUP Wyatt BIGUP Anna/Ana
53 DOWN Sebastian BIGUP Callie
54 UP Michael BIGUP Alexis
55 UP Micah UP Lauren/Lauryn
56 DOWN Seth BIGDOWN Michaela
57 BIGUP Henry BIGDOWN Kylie
58 DOWN Christopher DOWN Samantha
59 BIGDOWN Adrian/Adrien BIGUP Catherine
60 BIGDOWN Damian/Damien BIGUP Aurora
61 DOWN Hayden DOWN Ashlyn
62 UP Tyler BIGUP Sienna
63 DOWN Xavier BIGDOWN Maya/Maia
64 BIGUP Parker BIGDOWN Cailyn
65 BIGUP Joseph NEW Lila/Lilah
66 UP David BIGDOWN Faith
67 BIGUP Colton DOWN Alexa
68 BIGUP Finn/Fynn BIGDOWN Alanna
69 BIGUP Riley DOWN Alexandra
70 BIGDOWN Isaiah DOWN Reagan/Regan
71 BIGDOWN Brandon BIGUP Victoria
72 BIGUP Brody BIGUP Lillian/Lilian
73 BIGUP Jonah BIGDOWN Gabrielle
74 BIGDOWN Anthony UP Brook/Brooke
75 BIGUP Hunter BIGUP Annabelle
76 BIGUP Miles/Myles BIGDOWN Jayden
77 DOWN Thomas DOWN Autumn
78 DOWN Cameron BIGUP Jillian/Gillian
79 BIGUP Holden BIGDOWN Bailey
80 DOWN Jason/Jayson NEW Brooklyn
81 DOWN Blake BIGDOWN Kayla
82 BIGDOWN Brice/Bryce DOWN Mackenzie/Mckenzie
83 NEW Max NEW Nora/Norah
84 NEW John BIGUP Taylor
85 DOWN Austin NEW Sydney
86 BIGDOWN Jake UP Julia
87 NEW Levi NEW Alice
88 UP Gage NEW Ruby
89 BIGDOWN Justin DOWN Julianna
90 SAME Christian NEW Caroline
91 NEW Eli BIGDOWN Allison/Alison
92 NEW Carson BIGDOWN Amy
93 DOWN Garrett NEW Lydia/Lidia
94 NEW Edward NEW Juliet/Juliette
95 NEW Joel BIGDOWN Abby
96 BIGDOWN Maddox DOWN Jasmine
97 NEW Cooper DOWN Megan/Meghan
98 BIGDOWN Xander/Zander BIGDOWN Ashley
99 NEW Ryder/Rider BIGDOWN Amber
100 NEW Jasper NEW Evelyn

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