#54 – Names from Classic Hollywood

Names from Classic Hollywood - podcast episode 54

Jennifer and Mallory talk about names from the Golden Age of Hollywood. We also report on this week’s celebrity baby news and give our opinion on their chosen baby names, and take questions from our listeners!

#49 – All About Middle Names

All About Middle Names

Jennifer and Mallory talk all about MIDDLE names: why we have them, the most common middle names, fun middle name stories, and celebs who go by their middle names!

#48 – Irish Names

Episode 48 - Irish Names

 Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Jennifer and Mallory talk all about Irish names, including the history and traditions of Irish naming, Irish name pronunciation, Irish surnames, the top baby names…

#42 – Pet Names

Line of dogs and cats, a hippo and a horse - PET NAMES

 Jennifer and Mallory discuss everything about pet names! Dog names, cat names, even hippos! We discuss common pet name categories, famous historical pets, celebrity pets, and best practices in…

#39 – Spanish Names

In honor of Hispanic History Month, Jennifer and Mallory discuss Spanish names, the history of Spanish naming and name construction, Spanish surnames, the top names in Spain, popular Latin names…

#37 – Names from STEM

Names from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Jennifer and Mallory discuss names inspired by STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We go over namesakes of inventors, mathematicians, physicists, and tech gurus! We also discuss the current…

#33 – Color Names

Color Names - The Baby Names Podcast

Jennifer and Mallory discuss a spectrum of baby names derived from colors. We also gab about the latest celebrity baby news and take questions from you, our listeners! Names mentioned…