Gender: Female
Origin: English
Meaning: Youthful, Downy

The name Julieta means Youthful, Downy and is of English origin. Julieta is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls.

Nicknames for the name Juliet include Jules, Jule, and Juju.

Famous people with the name Juliet include musicians Juliet Richardson and Juliet Simms. Juliet Huddy is a journalist. Juliet Prowse was a famous dancer and actress.
The most famous fictional Juliet is from Shakespeare’s drama, Romeo and Juliet, but was also a character in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. Juliet is a name featured in many television shows, including Lost, Nashville, Gossip Girl, The Simpsons, and Psych.

Variations include: Julieta, Juleette
People who like the name Julieta also like the names: Charlotte, Amelia, Violet, Scarlett, Olivia, Aria, Genevieve, Oliver, Henry, William, Finn, Alexander, Benjamin, Liam
Similar Sounding Names: Juliet, Juliette, Jesualdo, Julietta

Stats for the Name Julieta

checkmark Julieta is currently #72 on the Baby Names popularity charts
checkmark Julieta is currently #270 in U.S. births

Songs about Julieta

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