Gender: Female
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God Is My Oath
The name Elizabeth means God Is My Oath and is of Hebrew origin. Elizabeth is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls.

Elizabeth is a name with Biblical/Hebrew origins. Elisheva is the Hebrew variation and Elisabet is the Greek. Nicknames for the name Elizabeth include Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Bets, Betsy, Betty, and Eliza.

Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist in the Bible.

Royals with the name Elizabeth include Queens Elizabeth I and II of England. Actresses include Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth McGovern, and Elizabeth Hurley. Elizabeth Montgomery was a famous television actress, known for the 1960s series, Bewitched.  Elizabeth Arden is a makeup brand named after its creator.

Fictional characters named Elizabeth include Elizabeth Bennett from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Elizabeth “Beth” March from Little Women. There is also Elizabeth Elliott (Persuasion), Betsey Trotwood
(David Copperfield), and Betsy Ray (Betsy-Tacey).

Variations include: Elizebeth

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Similar Sounding Names: Elisabeth, Elspeth, Elisabette, Elizaveta, Elisaveta, Elsbeth

Stats for the Name Elizabeth

checkmark Elizabeth is currently #43 on the Baby Names popularity charts
checkmark Elizabeth is currently #14 in U.S. births

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