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Twilight Names

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Names from the characters of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn novels by Stephenie Meyer. These names have been rising in popularity since the release of the first film, Twilight. If you're a life-long fan of the series, you might want to consider Twilight names when choosing baby names for your baby.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead


Main Character, Bella lives in Forks, Washington with her divorced father, Charlie. In the first book she starts off as a teenager moving to Forks and being the "new girl" in High School.


Vampire, Edward is one of the main Characters. Overprotective of Bella, he has the ability to read minds (Except Bella's) Also known as every fangirls dream guy!


Vampire, Alice is Bella's best friend, Alice is known for being a bit hyper, shop-a-holic. She has the ability to see the future.


Vampire- Rosalie is Beautiful, Shallow and Vain, Rosalie is the type of girl everyone wants to be. She enjoys looking at herself in the mirror and fixing cars. Nicknamed "Rose"


Vampire, Emmett is Rosalie's husband, Emmett is described as looking kind of intimidating (after all, he's strong) but he's an old softie!


Vampire- Jasper is the Newer member of the Cullen family, Jasper does have problems adjusting to the Cullen's non-human eating habits (Because of his 'upbringing') Jasper has the ability to control the emotions around him.