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Ronnie Wood welcomes twin girls days before 69th birthday!

Rock and roll legend Ronnie Wood will turn 69 on June 1st, but he had great reason to start celebrating a little early!  The Rolling Stones guitarist and his wife, Sally, welcomed twin girls on May 30th.

The couple, married since 2012, released a statement following the twins’ birth.  “Ronnie & Sally Wood are delighted to announce the birth of their twins Gracie Jane (6lb) & Alice Rose (5.7lb). [Read more...]

Baby A and Baby B

Hi Jennifer,
Your website is wonderful, and I’m in awe of the amazing work that you do. As an aspiring author, I am constantly scouring your website to find names for my characters. Since I’m only twenty years old, I’m not going to be naming children of my own anytime soon, but I find your website incredibly helpful for my fictional family. [Read more...]