Baby Tech’s 2015 Gift Guide

Looking for that perfect gift for your favorite baby, pregnant woman, or older child? Here’s a year-end review of our favorite Baby Tech items from 2015.

For pregnant women:

Leachco’s Snoogle Total Body Pillow. ZenKids’ stroller organizer. Infant Optic’s Video Baby Monitor with night vision Salter’s 914 Electronic Baby & Toddler Scale Giraffe Razor Extension Handle Baby Shower Planner app. [Read more...]

A common-sense guide to technology and young children

“Toddlers on Technology: A Parents’ Guide,” currently under $20 at Amazon, was written by a mom and two early-childhood educators to help parents choose how and when their children are exposed to various technology, from iPads to computers to cell-phone apps.

The book explains, in easy-to-understand language, why technology is so fascinating to little ones, what constitutes a “good app,” and how to match an app to your child’s temperament and learning style. [Read more...]