The Little Balance Box – A Mobile Walk-along Table

push_zpsr3iefqbbNow why hasn’t anyone thought of the Little Balance Box Walking Table before now? How many times have we seen a baby just learning to walk use a table to hoist up only to worry about whether the baby will bonk her head on a sharp edge? Well, the Little Balance Box is a mobile table that enables your baby not only to hoist up but also to start strengthening those little legs while getting ready to learn to walk.

What I especially like about the table is that when pressed on, the table moves lower. This enables the baby to work on hand eye control as well as work on those arm muscles. The developers say this also helps stop the baby when forward momentum has him moving faster than anticipated. Table storage is an added bonus!

So if you want to help your baby mobilize without the risk of a sharp table edge, the Little Balance Box may be perfect for you! At just $89.99 and up, you can purchase it at from various sellers: Just click here to compare options.