Customized Lullaby Playlist

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As the mother of a “Veronica” it was to my delight to find the song Veronica by Elvis Costello. Her father and I sang that song to her as a lullaby and I still hold it dear to my heart. Also a favorite song of ours was “The Chanukah Song” by Adam Sandler, which also features the name Veronica. Why am I bringing this up? Well, has launched a new service called “The Word is Born” Spotify playlist that does all the work for you when looking for a song that features your child’s name. The playlist also searches Spotify’s entire music archive for artists who share the name as well as Billboard’s Top 100 for the week of the birth. Not only can such a search be helpful when you are looking for lullabies but it can also help you “screen” the name for songs that are not so pleasant that mention the name! When I tried the feature it took less than 3 seconds to come up with a playlist customized just for my (20 year old) Veronica. I whole-heartedly recommend this fun freebie at!