I was so excited to receive the adorable dog puppet and flamingo stuffed animal from Cate & Levi. They have such cute, unique, and high-quality items, so I knew they would not disappoint!

The dog puppet is about 12 inches long, so it’s the perfect size for an adult’s hand to use during storytime or other imaginative play. My son (almost 2) likes to carry it around on his hand as well, but it’s a little too big for him to be able to control it himself. That doesn’t stop him from trying, though! He loves to make it “hop” around and make barking sounds. This puppet has really helped him explore his imagination and creativity. I also love how unique the puppet is – no two puppets are alike!

The flamingo stuffed animal is adorable as well. It is bright pink with cute floral accents. It’s not what I would call “plush”, but it’s still soft and snuggly. It’s pretty large, about 24 inches from the foot to the tip of its head. It has taken up residence in my son’s crib at night, but his “mingo” is also one of his new favorite friends for when he needs a snuggle during the day. I can tell that the flamingo is extremely well-made. When Cate & Levi calls it “heirloom quality”, they mean it! I’m not worried that it’s going to fall apart within a couple of months like other brands might (which is good, because my little guy tends to be rough on his stuffed animals!).

As a parent, I appreciate Cate & Levi’s effort to reduce their carbon footprint and create environmentally-friendly products for kids. And I love that each item is handmade in Canada!

If you’re looking for an adorable, fun, and unique toy for your little one, look no further! I would definitely recommend this company to a friend, and I’m already exploring their product line to add to our collection.

You can find Cate & Levi on their website. The dog puppet and flamingo stuffed animal are also both available on Amazon.

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