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Will Luna Become Dated?

Dear Jennifer,

I’m a soon-to-be first time mom and this whole name thing is overwhelming. My name was rather unique growing up and I’d like to keep with that tradition for my daughter. And I really want to avoid a name that when heard in 20 years screams ‘2016.’ In that light, my partner and I really like the name Luna but from what I can tell it seems that it is becoming quite popular. Would you say that is true? Is Luna too trendy?
Thank you for your help and opinion!


Hi Marina,

Usually names that become “dated” are those that hit the top of the charts. As of 2015, the name Luna is currently ranked 38 on our charts, up from #42 the previous year. It’s not rising fast enough to signify that it will make the top ten anytime soon. However, you never know. If there’s a celebrity or a character with the name Luna that suddenly becomes famous, that could affect the perception of this name.

My ultimate advice is if you and your partner both love the name, go for it! As long as your last name is not Tick! It’s almost impossible to predict the future perception of anything.


UPDATE 2020: Luna DID hit the top 10 and most probably because of Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series of books and novels. If a name hits the top 10 it might be thought of as “dated” in ten or twenty years. 

The Name Luna