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What does my name -Themis- mean?

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Hi Jennifer,

I couldn’t find my name on your list, Themis, I am looking into the meaning and origins of it. Is there an alternate spelling to it?


Themis Pierquet Flores

Dear Themis,

What a beautiful name! I bet you didn’t know this, but you’ve probably seen the “original Themis” all over the place. She is the woman in Greek mythology that presides over natural law, and is depicted blindfolded holding scales. Themis (spelled Θεμις in Greek) is often used as the icon depicting the legal profession (see image, below).

The official meaning of the name is “Law of Nature” or “Divine Law.”As for alternate spellings, I have not yet seen any, but if you or any other readers out there see one, let us know!

We have now added the name Themis to our database. Thanks for writing in.


Jennifer Moss