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Providence as a Baby Name?

Hi, I’m a big fan of your website, I’ve been using it to help name characters for years!

I’m starting to brainstorm names for future kids and was wondering what you think about using the word “Providence” as a name. I would probably use it for a middle name since it’s unusual and I don’t know of it being used as a name before. (It’s the street I grew up on.) In your opinion, does it transition well to a name? Do you think it would have too much of a religious connotation? (The idea of “divine providence” is what sticks out to me.)

For first names, I was thinking Charlotte or Providence for a girl and Henry for a boy, if that helps!
Thanks so much!


Hi Maggie,

This is a new one! I’ve never heard of Providence being used as a name, however I can’t say I object to anything about it. It is similar in sound and meaning to Prudence, which I consider an “expectation” name like Justice, Honor, Chastity, etc. But Providence doesn’t really have an expectation attached to it. Literally, it is defined as “The protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power” which is pretty cool!providence

The name Providence is easy to pronounce and easy to spell so it follows all of our major “naming guidelines” As for the religious connotation, I think it would more likely be associated with the place name (or television show) rather than any religious idealogy.

If you love it, go for it! Meanwhile, I’m adding it to our database. Thanks!