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Onyx Objectification


Hey Jennifer,
I went on your site and looked up my name.
I didn’t get a real meaning except “black gemstone.” I’m sorry, I just think I should have a sincere meaning considering I can’t find my name anywhere. I don’t like being referred to as an object.

I love the fact that you have my name, though.

Sincerely, Onyx

Dear Onyx,

I’m sorry you are not happy with the meaning of your name. On, we don’t make up the meanings of the names, we research and report them.



Your name comes from an object, as do many names like Meadow, Axel, Iris, and Crystal! That does not necessarily mean you are that object or that it’s objectifying you. But I have to say, if you have a problem with it…take it up with your mama! Or you can always change it when you turn eighteen.

For what it’s worth, the gemstone Onyx is a strong, beautiful stone. I even named my first band Onyx when I was 11 and wanted to be a pop star. You should be proud to be identified with it!