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Name Pronunciation

Name Pronunciation

Hi Jennifer!

Sometimes when I’m looking at names on this site I’m not 100% certain of their pronunciation. Is there a way for you to add a sound bite or a pronunciation key to the names? I’m sure that would be a big task to undertake…

I love this site. I’ve been coming here for years for ideas! 🙂


Dear Ricki,

Several years ago, we did start recording name pronunciations but found that we couldn’t do so. Why? Because pronunciation is dependent on many things: geographical location, ethnicity, and even the parent’s preference. I have two friends, for example, both named Dana. One pronounces it DAY-na, and the other DAN-na. The name Jaime, for example could be pronounced JAY-mee (for English speakers) or HI-may (for Spanish speakers).

Even the name Carrie is pronounced differently in Chicago than in New York City! Can you believe it?

Because of all these factors, we have opted to not put either a written or recorded pronunciation with the names.

Thank you for writing and for being a fan!