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Math Genius Names

Hi Jennifer,

I’m carrying boy/girl twins. I really like the names Kepler and Ada. Folks seem to hate Kepler, though, as it’s unusual. Is it really that unusual? I don’t want a name that is too trendy, but I also don’t want to saddle my kid with a name that is more bizarre than I’m giving it credit for.

My back-up is Quentin. Except I’d feel weird telling Ada she has math genius Ada Lovelace as a namesake while for Quentin I just liked the name (Kepler has Johannes Kepler). So I’m thinking my double-back-up could be Quentin and Lydia (no namesakes for either – I just like the names).

I’m just torn. What are your thoughts?

Thanks so much,

Hi Amy,

I think Kepler is a fine name. It fits our recommendations: easy to spell, easy to pronounce. It is not obviously teaseable, either. So stop listening to what other people say and do what you and your partner want.

I also love that you want to honor Ada Lovelace–a pioneer in computer programming! As a female programmer, myself, there is a special place in my heart for ol’ Ada. 🙂