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Disney Princess Name: Merida

Hi Jennifer,

I recently watched the new Disney movie Brave and I love the name of the independent princess Merida. I looked up the meaning of her name, but couldn’t find anything. Could you tell me what it means. Also, would it be a bad idea to give your child the same name as a Disney princess?

Thanks for your help!

Dear Emily,

Excellent question. I think it would be okay to name your daughter after this particular Disney character because she is 1.) strong and 2.) hasn’t been around for decades to build a reputation, yet. Now that my daughter is grown, I had no idea who Merida was. Cinderella, on the other hand, would be a problem.

Merida is a created name, most likely from the name Mary and the Spanish word “Querida” which means “Darling.”

The closest Celtic name to Merida would be Mairead, a form of Margaret.