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Boy Named Summer

Hi Jennifer,

My son was born on June 23 which is the date of summer arrival in lunar calendar. I would like to give him a meaningful name “Summer” but my hubby think it’s a girl name. Is it only for girl? If a boy name Summer, is it weird?

Do you have any good name if you also think summer isn’t for boy.


Hi Vickie,

I believe your deadline is up for choosing names, if he was already born on June 23rd! Are you changing the boy’s name or is it due in 2016?

Nevertheless…I think Summer is an appropriate name for a boy. Think of the names Hunter, Tanner, Baxter, Chandler–all similar names ending in -ER. There are many names that are crossing the gender divide nowadays, so I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

That being said, men (dads) tend to be more sensitive with boys’ names. Probably because they are more prone to be teased? I don’t know. But tell Dad that if a boy is taught to be comfortable with his own name and masculinity, he won’t have a problem. I knew a huge football player in college named Kim. Do you think anyone teased him about his name? NO!

Another thing you could do is put an S at the end of it to make the name Summers. That conforms to the trend of using surnames as first names, like Mason, Madison, Hunter et. al.

Hope that helps!

A Boy Named Summer