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Don’t Worry, Bee Happy

Hi Jennifer,

My name is Melisha, pronounced muh-lish-uh. I have looked for years and can’t find a meaning for my name. I know my mom wasn’t sure what my name would be if I was a girl until she was watching TV one day and a shampoo commercial came on. The model flipped her hair and introduced herself and my mom fell in love with the name. I am one of the few people I know that actually likes my own name. It’s unique and I feel like it fits my personality, I just wish I knew where it came from or what it means. Do you have any ideas about this? Thanks for reading!


Hi Melisha,

bee-happyI’ve actually never heard of the name prior to your letter! I love the backstory on your name. It’s always fun when your parents can tell you how they named you! Most likely the name is a derivation/combination of the names MELISSA and FELICIA. In combo names, we try to combine the meanings, as well. So Melisha would be “Happy Bee!”

Thank you for your letter and for giving us a new, unique name to add to the database.