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About the name Derwyn

Hi Jennifer!

My father and I both have unique names – albeit ones we have to keep spelling and pronouncing for people – and neither of them are on the database. I know my name is a French respelling of “Lauren”, but I’m not too sure about my dad’s name, Derwyn. I’ve looked everywhere and don’t know what on Earth it means, but I’m pretty sure you’d know a thing or two about it.

Thanks for the help,

Laurenne (Not Lauren)

P.S. This has got to be my favourite website ever 🙂

Hi Laurenne (beautiful name by the way),

Derwyn is a Welsh name, a form of the name Darwin and Deorwine. It means “Dear Friend.” Hope that makes you happy! We will add it to the database.



p.s. Thanks! Mine, too. 🙂