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Myree = Marie?

Hi Jennifer,

I have been playing around with grandparent names. My grandmother’s name is Myree. She pronounces it like Marie. My mom has said several times it should actually be pronounced My-ree. For the longest time, I thought it was just an odd spelling. It is not on the website but I did find it one other place. Could you tell me if Myra would be a good alternative to Myree or if there are any other names that have similar meanings to Myree besides Marie.



Hi Selina,

I bet your grandmother had to spell her name for everyone who assumed it was “Marie!” That must have been bothersome. I’m not a fan of creative spellings of common names, for that very reason.

Some alternatives would be Miranda (my favorite of course), Mara, Mira and another favorite of mine, Mireille.

Good luck!
Jennifer (NOT Gennyphir)