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YouTuber Lauren Webber Is Pregnant With Her First Child

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YouTuber Lauren Webber, who goes by LaurenzSide, has announced that she and her husband Bobby are expecting their first child together.

Lauren, who is primarily a gaming YouTuber, shared that she had been keeping the secret of her pregnancy for 3 months and that her little one will be arriving in May of 2021. Her official due date is May 11th. She also shared a video on her YouTube channel where she and Bobby chatted all about their pregnancy! She pre-emptively answered any questions she might get from her fans about her pregnancy.

The couple’s pregnancy was planned. They had been actively trying to conceive. But Lauren touched on the subject of whether she had always wanted kids. They both had known when they started dating that they liked kids but weren’t ready for them. They took the pressure off feeling the need to have them and decided to see where it went. Ultimately, they decided that starting a family was in their future together.

Congratulations to Lauren and Bobby on growing their family! We wish them all the best.