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Pretty Little Liars Star Reveals The Sex Of Her Baby!

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Celebrities: they’re just like us! Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell took to YouTube to post her adorably fun gender reveal video. Mitchell, who runs a successful YouTube channel, has decided to take fans along with her on her pregnancy journey. After revealing her pregnancy on July 1st, Mitchell wasted no time in sharing whether she and her boyfriend, Matte Babel, will be expecting a boy or a girl.

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Shay and her boyfriend opted not to do a gender reveal party, but they did sit out in their backyard while the gender was shared with them. Before the reveal began, Shay shared what she thought she was having! She was convinced she was carrying a little baby boy. Shay and Matte then called some family members so they could cast their votes for which they thought Shay would have. The tally was 2 for a boy and 6 for a girl!

Shay’s assistant Liz was in charge of setting up how the baby’s gender would be revealed. It looks like she had fun planning it! Two Power Rangers emerged from Shay’s house: one blue and one pink. In one of the most fun and unique gender reveals ever, the Power Rangers duke it out and the winner reveals the gender. And… it’s a girl!

Shay and Matte, who both guessed they were having a boy, we very surprised! Their family had great intuition, as most of them guessed it was a girl.

The next installment in Shay’s pregnancy video series comes out on July 17th. The title of the upcoming video is called “Almost Ready”. Perhaps Shay will reveal her new little girl’s nursery or even her name!