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Jamie Otis Changes Her Newborn Son’s Name

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It seems that changing your child’s name post-birth is starting to become a trend! Last month, actress Amy Schumer announced that she changed her first child’s name nearly one year after his birth. The change wasn’t too drastic, as the change she made was to son Gene‘s middle name, changing it from Attell to David.

Now, reality star Jamie Otis, known for participating in dating series The Bachelor and Married At First Sight has revealed that she and her husband, Doug Hehner, have changed their newborn son’s name less than a week after his arrival.

The couple announced on April 28 that they had decided on the name Hayes for their second child and first son. Jamie revealed in her post that she and Doug had been back and forth throughout her entire pregnancy on which name to choose and they ended up going with Hayes.

The couple have now revealed that they’ve changed Hayes’s name to Hendrix! They chose to keep Hendrix’s original middle name of Douglas, after his father. Jamie revealed that the name Hendrix had been in the running throughout her pregnancy. “We couldn’t decide between Hayes and Hendrix our whole pregnancy. We ended up going with Hayes, but the moment I pushed him out & brought him to my chest I almost blurted out, “Hendrix!”

Sometimes, it takes seeing and meeting your baby to learn what their name is and that definitely seems to be the case with baby Hendrix! Jamie knew right away upon seeing her baby boy.