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Eva Longoria Is Normalizing Motherhood And We’re Here For It

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Eva Longoria has become an inspiration for mothers everywhere. She has become a role model for working moms. Not only is she a fantastic mom, but she’s also doing #allthethings in her career.

Eva gave birth to her first child, a son named Santiago Enrique, with her husband Jose Bastón in June of 2018. Just 8 weeks later, Eva was on set back at her game!

But, Eva, most notably known for her acting, wasn’t simply playing a role in her new movie Grand Hotel. She was also directing and producing. Talk about a film trifecta! 8-week-old Santiago joined his mom on set. After all, for moms, especially breastfeeding moms, baby life has no start and end time! Eva was being a master of multitasking on set as she directed while simultaneously breastfeeding baby Santiago.

When Eva sat down with Conan O’Brien, he asked her if her coworkers found it distracting to have her directing them while breastfeeding. Eva cheekily replied, “I don’t care.” She went on to say, “No, you do have to normalize it. Women breastfeed, right? Like, let’s normalize motherhood. We’re moms.” It’s so refreshing to have celebrities take a stand for mothers everywhere!

Eva’s Instagram account is filled with images of her with her son Santiago on set. She takes her son to work and wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s great to see how connected she is with her son and how dedicated she is to ensuring she puts in that quality time with him despite her busy schedule.

It’s clear that Eva loves her role as a mom. And Santiago is relishing his life! He always has such a happy smile on his face. He is one lucky boy to have an amazing, trailblazing mama!