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Danielle Brooks Is Embracing Her Third Trimester Beautifully

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Actress Danielle Brooks from the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black is in her third trimester and embracing the whole thing beautifully and truthfully. She’s gearing up to enter motherhood and is definitely giving off that pregnant mama glow!

Last month, Danielle announced that she would be welcoming a little baby girl into the world this year. In her latest Instagram post, the girl-mom-to-be shared an inspiring message for her daughter.

“This moment is sacred. 👑 This moment is about birth and RE-birth. 👑 This moment is discovering new parts of myself that I never knew existed before. 👑 This moment is about gaining clarity on what I will or will not except so that when my daughter watches me, she is clear on who she is and what she believes. 👑 This moment is understanding what’s worth my energy and what is not. 👑 This moment is unapologetically leaning on those that truly understand the definition of family and friendship. 👑 This moment is about experiencing all that life has to offer me as a woman. I’m living and basking in the right now! And it feels damn good.”

Danielle is loving this experience in her life and refuses to take it for granted. It’s so lovely to see!

Of course, pregnancy comes with some frustrating moments, too. But Danielle is taking those in stride as well. Last month, she shared a hilariously relatable video of herself getting her makeup done while lying down. Every mom who had gone through the third trimester knows how exhausting and nauseous this stage can be. She had every pregnant mom wanting to experience this type of treatment!

We look forward to the arrival of Danielle’s little girl and can’t wait to see how she transitions into motherhood with her baby by her side!