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Bode Miller Reveals Son’s Name

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Bode and Morgan Miller reveal their son's name and explain it took weeks to decide upon. Get the story. - BabyNames.com Celebrity Baby News

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Olympic skier Bode Miller and his wife, Morgan, revealed their 7-week-old son’s name on the Today show, explaining that it took three weeks to settle on the adorable moniker.

They named him Easton Vaughn Rek Miller after calling him “baby brother” for several weeks.

The name Easton is of English origin, meaning “from the East town.”

Easton is the newest member of their family and has helped them move on following the death of their daughter Emeline, who accidentally drowned.

Bode explained: “If there’s one thing that can kind of help to heal and fill that spot in your heart it’s a baby — and he’s a special one. Besides the lack of sleep, it’s been a nice process to be able to go through.”

He continued: “We see the path forward a little bit. It’s just kind of keeping going and trying to stay positive, but it’s not easy. I don’t think it gets that much easier.”

Bode and Morgan have two other sons, Samuel, 5, and Nash, 3.