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Beverley Mitchell Reveals Gender of Baby #3!

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Last night, actress Beverley Mitchell took to Instagram to share a video of her two children, Kenzie and Hutton, announcing the gender of their new baby sibling.

Kenzie and Hutton excitedly shared that they would be having a baby sister! At the start of the video, Beverley’s kids share in unison, “We’re having a baby sister!” Kenzie shared that she would scream in excitement when her mom brings her home while Hutton shared that he couldn’t wait to see her little face.

The kids also showed a little gift they have for their baby sister: a pink baby blanket with a lion! Both Hutton and Kenzie have similar baby blankets. Hutton also has a baby blanket with a lion that is blue. Beverley shared that Hutton “has not let go of his blankey since he was born.” It definitely looks like the blanket has been well-loved! Kenzie has the same blanket in pink but with a giraffe on it. It is such a sweet tradition to carry on for baby number 3!