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Amy Schumer Has Changed Her Sons Name

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Comedian and actress Amy Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer gave birth to her first child in May of 2019. The couple announced at the time that they chose to name him Gene Attell Fischer.

The name turned quite a few heads. Many people actually thought the comedian was joking when she announced the name, as Gene Attell sounds an awful lot like the word genital. Coupled with the last name, the full name sounded like the phrase genital fissure.

It took Amy a little while to come around to the fact that this name might not work out for her firstborn, but the actress has revealed that she and her husband chose to change Gene’s middle name. Now, Gene’s middle name is David.

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11 months and sneaky as hell

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The reason behind choosing the name Attell was actually quite sweet. Amy chose that name to honor her good friend and fellow comedian, Dave Attell. Although Gene’s middle name has changed, it appears Amy still chose to honor her friend by replacing Attell with David. The name David actually has double meaning now, as Amy revealed that her father’s middle name is also David. A smart choice! Gene David certainly has a nice ring to it, much better than Gene Attell.

We’re sure little Gene will thank his mom one day for changing his name to something a bit nicer than his original name.