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Amanda Seyfried Welcomes Baby #2!

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Actress Amanda Seyfried has shared the surprising news that she has welcomed her second child with her husband, Thomas Sadoski. The actress managed to keep her pregnancy a secret!

The couple confirmed the exciting news in a join statement with INARA, of which Amanda and Thomas are both board members, and War Child, of which the couple are ambassadors.

The couple are now the proud parents to a new baby boy. In their statement announcing his arrival, the couple shared, “Since the birth of our daughter 3 years ago our commitment to the innocent children that are so brutally effected by conflict and war has been a driving force in our lives. With the birth of our son the work of INARA and War Child has become our North Star.”

The Mamma Mia star and her husband welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Nina, in 2017. The couple, who were unmarried when they became pregnant, tied the knot in March of 2017 when Amanda was nine months along in her pregnancy.

Congratulations to Amanda and Thomas on the arrival of their second child. To make a donation to INARA, an organization that provides access to life-saving and life-altering medical assistance to children impacted by war, please visit www.inara.org/donate.