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The Foodie Club by Dani Shear

foodieclubPicky eaters.  We all know some, and many of us have one (or two or three).  Parents bang their heads against the wall trying to help kids expand their food palates beyond “kid food.”  This fun, kid-friendly book by Dani Shear just might help.
We meet Syd, a big sister who will try anything you put in front of her.  And we meet little Sunny, who seems to be your typical shortstuff picky eater.  Mom is weary of the food fight, and she comes up with a plan to get Sunny interested in trying some new things.  Big sister helps out, and Sunny gets inspired to try something that would strike fear in the heart of many food-challenged kids — a big green smoothie full of kale, spinach, and dates. Gulp!

As intimidating as that sounds, Sunny gets brave and not only tries the smoothie, she likes it.  And she and Syd start a Foodie Club and even set up a green smoothie stand to sell the healthy treat to their friends and neighbors.   We’ll call that a success!

Shear uses rhyme to make the story interesting and enjoyable for kids, and the illustrations by Holly Weinstein are adorable.  This is a bright, fun book to look at and to read.  The book goes beyond a simple, charming story and helps establish some goals for picky eaters who might just be reading along.   Shear’s characters motivate kids to try new things, and the book includes a Foodie Club pledge and a cool sticker chart and instructions for earning Foodie Club badges.  Of course, the recipe for Syd & Sunny’s Green Shake is included, too.

The Foodie Club is a cool twist on using books to inspire children.  The story doesn’t end with Sunny trying something and liking it; these bonus pages of Foodie Club fun will give picky eaters something to think about… and hopefully taste!