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Weekly News for January 30, 2014
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Hello, and welcome to BabyNames News!

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The top names for newborns now are:

Liam, Noah, Asher, Landon, and Wyatt.

GIRLS: Charlotte, Amelia, Violet, Claire, and Olivia.

Are any of these on your faves list?
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• Actress Shanola Hampton’s new daughter is named Cai MyAnna Dukes.
• James Van Der Beek’s new daughter joins 3-year-old Olivia and almost-2-year-old Joshua.
• Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada confirmed she and her fiancé are expecting a son. She has a daughter, Shaniece.
• Singer Regina Spektor said she’ll miss Grammys this year as “super pregnant at the moment” with her first child with husband Jack Dishel.

More celebrity news...

“EuroSpa” for your Baby: bath and changing stand. This complete baby changing center has a bath tub, changing pad, and a bath stand, all in one unit. The EuroSpa from Primo is also on wheels, so you can easily move it anywhere in your home.
The bath has two positions, either reclining for infants or sitting up a bit for toddlers. The changing pad has a safety strap and is made of easy-to-clean vinyl fabric.
It’s $160 here.

Other Great Gadgets this week:
• Babies Build with Blocks
• A Traveling Play Yard: Pack 'n Play
• Learning to Walk: The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Hi Jennifer — My husband is liking “Dexter…” but I’m not sure I like the idea of telling our son we came up with his name from a serial killer on TV...

Dear Carolyn — Dexter has always been one of my all-time favorite names ever since I first saw the movie Philadelphia Story, where Cary Grant played C.K. Dexter Haven. Then the cartoon came out, and I loved the cartoon and it still topped my (personal) name list for boys. Then came the TV series, eponymously named after the serial killer anti-hero -  continue to read...

Waldorf schools also have a very strict home-media policy that families are expected to adhere to – that is, no media. I’m told this loosens up when kids hit about 6th grade, but until then – no media. This means no TV and no movies. No iPads on the plane. The best my kids get is a video chat with a distant-dwelling grandparent or aunt, which is still considered “not ideal” by the school… enjoy the rest of this column here…

BabyNames Video Library has a full library of how-to, parenting, and lifestyle videos for your enjoyment and information — with more than 1,000 titles! This week’s Featured Video:
Bonding With Baby

Name News from Across the ‘Net:

Baby named 12th Mann after Seahawks crowd
A Seattle couple who are big football fans named their newborn daughter after the Seahawks fans: 12th Mann. It’s a nickname for devotees of the Seattle team. The full story is here.
Los Angeles, California, USA

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