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Gender Name (Nickname) Vote
Girl Penelope Seaman (Nellie)   
Girl Penelope Petunia Pearl Seaman   
Girl Talulah Seaman (Lulu)   
Girl Talulah Tulip Tinsley Seaman   
Girl Daphne Seaman (Nene or Daph)   
Girl Daphne Daffodil Day Seaman   
Girl Estelle Seaman (Essie)   
Girl Estelle Esme Seaman   
Girl Jemma Seaman (Jem)   
Girl Jemma Jeanne Seaman (JJ or Jem)   
Girl Daisy Seaman   
Girl Daisy Day Desiree Seaman   
Boy Thatcher Seaman (Thatch)   
Boy Thatcher Talbot Tawes Seaman   
Boy Fletcher Seaman (Fletch)   
Boy Fletcher Frost Frederickson Seaman   
Boy Forester Seaman (Es or Ester)   
Boy Forester Flynn Seaman   
Boy Fielder Seaman   
Boy Fielder Finnegan Seaman   
Boy Magnus Seaman   
Boy Magnus Madden Milo Seaman   
Boy Remington Seaman (Remie or Rem)   
Boy Remington River Seaman   
Boy Everett Seaman (Rett)   
Boy Everett Ellis Elm Seaman   
Boy Augustus Seaman (Augie)   
Boy Chandler Seaman (Chandie or Channie)   
Boy Montgomery Seaman (Monte)   
Boy Slater Seaman   
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